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About Me

See, I'm not always on my iPhone!

See! This picture proves that I’m not always on my iPhone! I get a kick out of traveling to far away places, reading non-fiction and playing volleyball. I’m a dad and my wife and I just love spending time together as a family and watching our little ones surprise us each day.

In my professional career, I specialize in business marketing assessment, development and implementation of strategic plans for accelerated growth. Key focus area is digital strategy, including mobile marketing and social media. Views expressed here are mine alone.

Timothy Cascio’s Professional Biography

Timothy Cascio is a Senior Digital Strategist at Bader Rutter & Associates, Inc.. Mr. Cascio has a diverse background in complex sale business development, account direction, marketing strategy, finance and technology. His client list includes Unilever, PPG, State Farm, AIG and Utah Olympic Park. His favorite quote is, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”  – Seneca

Mr. Cascio’s career began in Financial Analysis, Systems Consulting and Change Management. Inspired by what he saw in the potential of the Internet and plagued by insatiable curiosity, he entered digital strategy in 1995 as Founder and President of 3020, Inc., an Internet consulting firm. Taking a leap of faith, he bought a server, hosted it on a very pricey T-1 and became self-taught in HTML. 3020 served an International client base and specialized in Internet marketing and web application development.

In 2009, Mr. Cascio Co-Founded the Mobile Visionary Roundtable at the Illinois Technology Association. Guided by a strong belief that best-in-class mobile solutions must tap into more mature markets, he recruits mobile experts from around the globe to participate in roundtable events. The monthly roundtable he hosts provides a dynamic forum for sharing best practices and creates meaningful networking opportunities for thought leaders in the mobile space.

Mr. Cascio’s “Mobile Marketing, Monetization and Methods” blog includes interviews with experts, musings on mobile trends and tips & tricks. His article, “50 Ways to Promote Your iPhone App” has been translated into many languages and is a tremendous resource for technologists and marketers alike. Rob Walch, host of the popular Today in iPhone podcast said of the article, “This is, without a doubt, the most thorough list I’ve seen talking about different ways to promote your App. A must read.”

Tim Cascio
US Tel: 262-938-5543

About Bader Rutter & Associates, Inc.

Bader Rutter is an award-winning integrated marketing services agency that specializes in advertising, public relations, brand asset management, relationship marketing and digital solutions. The agency’s staff of more than 150 professionals scales strategy, tactics and expertise across all agency disciplines to drive client growth and build long-term client partnerships. Bader Rutter also serves clients internationally as part of the Business Branding Network (www.bbn-international.com) For more information, please visit our company’s website.

Bader Rutter & Associates, Inc.
Phone: 262-938-5543



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